Marstrand Boat Show pauses, despite easing restrictions

Since the Swedish government´s announcement a few days ago, regarding some relief of audience numbers at outdoor events, the organizer Sweboat has worked hard to develop a new, strongly regulated concept for the floating boat shows Marstrand Boat Show and All at Sea in Gustavsberg.
“We have spoken to a large number of members and exhibitors, and we´ve come to the conclusion that we can’t hold any safe or attractive shows as planned late August and early September this year”, says Mats Eriksson, CEO Sweboat – The Swedish Boating Industry Association.
“Now, we´re fully investing in developing an exciting digital boat show, that will be launched in a few days. The digital boat show focuses on creating interactions with visitors. We are investing in creating a “hybrid fair”, providing opportunities for exhibitors to get physically active at home instead and at the same time have a high digital presence. That can give a new dimension to the visitors”, Eriksson concludes.